February 5th, 2018

Lower back pain can result from many causes, including:

Low Back Pain Hycroft Chiropractic & MassageSometimes lower back problems can cause pain, tingling or numbness in your legs and feet.

If you experience back pain that lasts more than a few days, co ...

Walk-In Chiropractor & Registered Massage Therapy in Vancouver

February 2nd, 2018

Walk-In Chiropractor & Registered Massage Therapy Clinic in Vancouver 

Dr. Michael Horowitz and Team Members at Hycroft Chiropractic & Massage in Vancouver take pride in being available for last minute, emergency type patients who are looking for a walk-in chiropractor &/or massage therapist. If you are in need and are reading this page of our website, please call 604-733-7744 and allow us to ...


February 2nd, 2018

Pain in your back and between your shoulders can be related to:

 Mid & Upper Back Pain Book OnlineIf there is decreased movement of the rib joints or tightness of the rib muscles, this can cause pain into your chest and trouble taking a deep breath.

A chiropractor can work with you to restore healthy function to your muscles, liga ...


February 1st, 2018

Shoulder pain can be caused from a number of things, such as:

  • Referred pain from your neck
  • Rotator cuff injuries (muscles or tendons)
  • Sprain of the ligaments
  • Over use of the muscles in your shoulder

Headaches Vancouver, Book Online

Sometimes shoulder pain will originate from the shoulder blade area and refer pain into your upper arm. A chiropractor can diagnose the cause of your pain and recommend a treatment plan ...