Parisa Ehsan

·Completed a Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine program at PCU College (diploma) – (D.TCM Dip.)

·Registered Acupuncture, R.Ac. 

·Esoteric Emotional Release Practitioner

Non Surgical Facelift with Vancouver Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Parisa specializes in the revolutionary Non-Surgical Face Lift Technique, Cosmetic Acupuncture and Esoteric Acupuncture. Parisa Ehsan Completed a Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine program at PCU College (diploma) – (D.TCM Dip.)

Her passion for beauty, inside and out, combined with her unique, diverse and professional skill set, allows her to transform and heal women in ways never seen before.

Read more about Parisa below. 

Parisa is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in BC and certified Deep Tissue and Non-Surgical Practitioner, specializing in Non-Surgical Face Lift. Parisa Ehsan Completed a Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine program at PCU College (diploma) – (D.TCM Dip.) Parisa was born in Persia and has always been drawn to health care from a young age. She comes from a family of western doctors; her father being an orthopaedic trauma surgeon, her brother being a cardiovascular surgeon.  She decided to take a holistic path to be of service to humanity for health and beauty.

When she moved to Vancouver, she was exposed to Cosmetic Acupuncture and fell in love with it. This lead her down a path of abundant knowledge, allowing her to see the wisdom within the eastern approach to health, beauty and wellbeing. Parisa specializes and is certified in constitutional facial acupuncture, having learned from the founder, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield. She believes every person’s archetype is unique like every star, and when she looks at your body and face, and feels your energy, she is able to work with your specific constitution, giving you true rejuvenation. Her passion for outer and inner beauty is always expanding and you will feel that through the gentle yet powerful session you'll experience with her 

Parisa also specializes in Esoteric spiritual acupuncture, being certified by the master Dr. Mikio Sankey. This modality works by tapping into your inner wisdom and beauty, allowing different layers of your heart to be recognized through Epiphanies, making you see and feel more love for yourself, leading to a healthier, happier more abundant, conscious you.

Parisa, after working with thousands of clients for cosmetic purposes, varying from ages 18 to 70, was on a quest to find an alternative approach that would give a quick result just like Botox, but without the toxins.

Parisa is now a certified Non-Surgical Face Lift practitioner. She went through intense training with the founder of the technique, Dr. Darrel Wolfe, and is now certified in Wolfe Deep Tissue and Non-Surgical Face Lift.

For the first time ever in Vancouver and Kelowna, Non-Surgical Face Lift is being offered by Parisa, who has found another way to fulfill herself by giving clients what they need in a higher, much more loving, non invasive way.

Non-Surgical Face Lift works deep from your emotional and mental level, through the physical. Parisa will tap in to your energy bodies, identify the  blockages in the muscles and tissues of your face which has lead to scar tissue, crystallization and calcification and the build up of toxins. She will then start cleaning and releasing the blocks allowing a rush of blood and energy in to the tissue which leads to increase oxygen intake and release of co enzyme Q10, freeing your face of toxins and free radicals, which leads to the reversal of the signs of ageing. 

Combined with the other modalities in her skill set, Parisa provides the most complete, euphoric and dramatic results for beauty, inside and out.

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