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Stretch of the Day:

The Calf (Gastrocnemius/Soleus) Stretch! (a - gastrocnemius) push up against a wall with one leg bent at the knee while the opposite leg is straight & pushing back. As you transfer your weight from the back leg to the strong, keep your back heel on the ground and bend the front knee while making sure the knee does not pass the front ankle. If it does move that front ankle forward. Hold for 15-30-seconds and repeat sides. (b – soleus) the stretch the deeper soleus calf muscle, do the exact same as above but this time bend the back knee just a little bit while you maintain complete heel contact to the ground. Notice how the stretch intensifies. Hold for 15-30-seconds and repeat sides.

Calf Stretch ACalf Stretch B 

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Calf Stretch ACalf Stretch B

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