Stretch Class, Exercise Class & Postural Awareness Class @Hycroft in Vancouver

Hycroft Chiropractic & Massage is now offering indiviudal & couples, 15-min, 30-min & 60-min sessions:

  • Stretch Class
  • Exercise Class
  • Active REHAB (post MVA/car accident)
  • Postural Awareness Classes

The cost for these sessions are as follows:

  • 15-min = $30 by one of our Kinesiologists
  • 30-min = $60 by one of our Kinesiologists
  • 60-min = $75 by one of our Kinesiologists


For more information on Stretch Class, Exercise and Postural Awareness Class @ Hycroft please call 604-733-7744 for more information.

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