Dr. Michael Horowitz's Stretch of the Day Series

  • The Sumo Stretch! This stretch is perfect for those who spend hours sitting or for those who are experiencing tightness in their shoulders, upper or lower back. Stand with legs wide apart. Bend at the knees and forward at the hips while the hands are placed on the inside of the knees. Take one shoulder and dip it forward as your gently twist your torso in one direction. Keep the arm straight as you gently feel a stretch in your shoulder blade and thoracic spine. Add a deep breath and hold for 10-15-seconds. Repeat in the opposite direction ad several times throughout the day. This stimulates blood flow to your intercostal and thoracic muscles, an area that holds a lot of tension.
Sumo Stretch ASumo Stretch B

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Please consult your Doctor of Chiropractic for a more specific set of recommendations and the perfect activity & stretch routine for your individual needs.

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