Dr. Michael Horowitz's Exercise for Health Series

Exercise of the Day:

  • Birpies! (for the gluts, hamstrings & quadriceps & core stability). Birpies combine a cardiovascular component and a muscle strength component to improving overall fitness. Start in the standing position. Squat down by bending at the hips & knees. Place your hands on the ground and kick your legs back so you’re in a push-up position.

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Physical Exercise is an important component of Spinal Hygiene.  Combining regular physical exercise, stretching and Chiropractic Spinal Check-Ups: these help keep your body flexible, in proper alignment and in top physical form.

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Please Note: Each individual's health status in unique & so too should their training & expercise program. None of the information provided is intended to replace sound medical evaluation, assessment or diagnosis. Please contact your communicty chiropractor & have a specific activity & exercise routine made for yourself as every individual has varying needs.