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Stretch of the Day:

  • The Tennis Ball Trick! Lying down on the ground, take a soft tennis ball (racquet ball, squash ball, hacky sac) and place it under the muscles between your spine and shoulder blade. Give yourself a hug while applying downward pressure on the tennis ball. Be gentle and focus on the tender spots that are causing your aches and pains. This stretch should not replace the need for a chiropractic adjustment of your spine or ribs, nor should it replace the need for a massage by a registered massage therapist. This manoeuvre is great at reducing shoulder blade tension caused by long hours of sitting in front of computers, reading or writing. It stimulates blood flow and reduces spasms and irritation.

Tennis Ball Trick A Vancouver

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Please consult your Doctor of Chiropractic for a more specific set of recommendations and the perfect activity & stretch routine for your individual needs.

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