Michael Horowitz

Dr. Michael Horowitz is a 2000 graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto, Canada. After briefly practicing in North York, Ontario, he relocated to Vancouver where he spent close to a year working with Bio-Med, SISU vitamin supplements, and athletic enhancement products. Dr. Michael's Undergraduate Studies are in Biology and Kinesiology at York University which had an emphasis on Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counseling. Dr. Michael Horowitz is building a community of well-adjusted spines in the Hycroft Medical Building, located at 3195 Granville Street, at the corner of 16th Avenue in Vancouver. Dr. Michael Horowitz combines nutritional support, stress management techniques, soft tissue massage, and spinal adjustments towards the goal of freeing up stress to the spine and nervous system.

Dr. Michael Horowitz enjoys outreach opportunities with various community organizations and events where he can either talk to companies or speak one on one to individuals about health-related topics. His offering at these outreach events is conducting postural and spinal evaluations.

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