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Stretch of the Day:

  • The Cobra (Mackenzie) Stretch! This stretch is a great lower back and abdominal stretch that can be done anytime. Lye on the ground face down with your forearms placed just under the chest. Now lift your upper body off the ground using the push of your forearms. Hold for 15-seconds. Take this stretch to the next level but pushing your hands down to the ground with straight arms, no bend at the elbow. This will create an even greater stretch to the lower back but please be careful not to ever due it. Hold this for 15-seconds. As it turns out, this Cobra stretch is also apart of what is called the Mackenzie Exercises for Disc Injury. If you have been diagnosed with a disc bulge or herniation in the lower back please make sure to follow the recommendations of your local chiropractor.
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Please consult your doctor of chiropractic for more specific recommendations concerning the perfect activity & stretch routine for your needs.
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