Dr. Michael Horowitz's Exercise of the Day Series

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Ball Crunch

1. Start by sitting on the ball. Slowly walk your legs out and fall back on the ball until your hips are just off the ball and your shoulders are slightly off the ball.

2. Bring your hands up so your fingers are lightly behind your ears, elbows wide, hips tucked in and you are leaning back to feel a good stretch in your abs.

3. Exhale as you curl your shoulders up and reach your chest toward the ceiling, keeping space between your chin and chest.

4. Pause, and inhale back to start. Repeat

These videos are for demonstration purposes only. Please contact Dr. Michael Horowitz (Vancouver community chiropractor) or Laura Morris (Vancouver personal trainer) at 604-733-7744 for a specific activity routine suited for your needs! http://www.vancouverchiropractic.net

Physical Exercise is an important component of Spinal Hygiene.  Combining regular physical exercise, stretching and Chiropractic Spinal Check-Ups: these help keep your body flexible, in proper alignment and in top physical form.

For more information of excercising & how to keep your spine flexible & healthy, please contact Dr. Michael Horowitz & Laura Morris Personal Training
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Please Note: Each individual's health status in unique & so too should their training & expercise program. None of the information provided is intended to replace sound medical evaluation, assessment or diagnosis. Please contact your communicty chiropractor & have a specific activity & exercise routine made for yourself as every individual has varying needs.