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Stretch of the Day:

  • The Grasshopper (Squatting Frog)! This stretch is an intermediate to advanced stretch and should not be performed by anyone who experiences pain in their ankles or knees. If balance is an issue perform this stretch with a solid wall behind you. Squat down to the ground with your feet just past shoulder width apart. Place your hands together and your elbows pushing outward to the inside of your knees. Feel a gentle groin stretch as you push outward. Now pressing your hands firmly together, extend your spine straight up and slightly forward. Feel a great stretch in the muscles of your lower back. Hold for 10-15-seconds. Now reach both arms forward as you flex your spine and reach as far forward as you can without loosing your balance. Hold for 10-15-seconds. Repeat 3-times and hold this stretch for anywhere between 1-3-minutes. Upon standing, push downward on your knees and elevate slowly as you regain your balance. This stretch stimulates blood flow to your feet, ankles, legs, thighs and lower back muscles. It’s a great general stretch that helps release tension, especially after long hours of sitting.

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Please consult your doctor of chiropractic for more specific recommendations concerning the perfect activity & stretch routine for your needs.
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