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Sports nutrition is the study and practice of nutrition and diet as it relates to athletic performance. Although an important part of many sports training regimens, it is most commonly considered in strength sports (for example weight lifting and bodybuilding) and endurance sports (for example cycling, running, and triathlon). Sports nutrition is a science that produces or provides and maintains the food (or dietary ergogenic aids) necessary for health, growth and physical performance. It deals with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, supplements and organic substances such as carbohydrates, proteins and sugars in serious athletes of all sorts who want to make use of nutrition for their benefit. An athlete's dietary regimen plays a vital part in accomplishing his/her goals because it allows the athlete to reach his/her maximum performance. This illustrates how an athlete should apply the necessary nutrition in order to benefit from training and to maximize his/her capability during exercise and activity. Thus, every sport and type of physical activity varies in its appropriate diet which benefits the athlete. Sports nutrition also consists of many different concerns such as the amount of certain foods and fluids one should consume that are specific to training. The goals of sports nutrition try to answer the questions such as: What types of foods and fluids should be consumed? What to eat and drink and when throughout the day?

Sports nutrition has many goals to enhance performance. First, it improves performance by improving body composition, which increases speed, quickness, mobility, and strength. Second, it will help the speed of recovery, which will in turn create more capacity for practicing and competition as the body is becoming more fit and adjusted to the coupling of the good nutrition incorporated into the workout regimen. Third, it will allow one to increase energy for both practice and competition, which will definitely help one's performance. Strategic diet will also increase immunity, allowing one to stay healthy and be able to continue and intensify practice and training. Most importantly, it will improve your overall health as proper health is essential to all aspects of life.

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