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Stretch of the Day:

The Quadriceps Stretch! (a) Standing on one leg, bend the other leg at the knee and hold onto the foot or ankle of that leg while gently lifting the foot/ankle to the buttocks. To get extra out of this stretch point the knee of the bent leg to the ground and squeeze for 15-seconds. Repeat sides. (b) this stretch can also be done while lying on the ground. With one leg extended, take the other leg and bend it at the knee. Now lean back gently towards the ankle of the bent leg. This is the typical track & field hurdlers stance. Hold for 15-30-seconds and repeat sides. (c) side-lying quad stretch. Same as standing but not weight-bearing. Special care must be taken when one experiences knee pain.

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Please consult your doctor of chiropractic for more specific recommendations concerning the perfect activity & stretch routine for your needs.

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