Spinal Health Tips
By Dr. Michael Horowitz

Over the years I've developed an important list of points worthy of sharing. These are called my Spinal Health Tips & something that can make a difference in how you feel day to day.
















Vancouver Chiropractic Lingo

What is Chiropractic?

A complimentary branch of the healing arts. An alternative to drugs & surgery for the treatment & prevention of pain & discomfort. An art, a science and a philosophy of healthcare whereby the symptom is not merely treated but rather the source of the problem is sought out and corrected.

What are the 7-Habits of Highly Healthy People

1. Exercise
2. Nutrition
3. PMA = Positive Mental Attitude
4. R&R = Rest & Relaxation (& Rejuvenation)
5. L&L&F = Love, Laughter & Friendship
6. Stress Management
7. Spinal Hygiene - a flexible spine & powerful nervous system

What is S/T/D/P?

Stress (physical, chemical & emotional) is absorbed into the body in the form of Tension which can be seen in the muscles, the spine and other soft tissues of the body. Tolerated Tension over time leads to Discomfort &/or Pain . The red-light is on & patients are often motivated at this point to take action - but where should they turn? Consider Chiropractic as one of the most effective, safest & enjoyable ways of returning to better health. Meet Dr. Michael!

What is Spinal Hygiene?

Spinal Hygiene is very much like Dental Hygiene, just applied to the spine instead of the teeth. At a young age we are taught & encouraged to brush our teeth, floss and see our dentist for regular check-ups. This is dental hygiene. Unfortunately very few of us are taught how important taking care of your spine & nervous system is. Spinal Hygiene encourages an active lifestyle through exercise, stretching & regular chiropractic "tune-ups" to prevent small aches & pains from becoming big ones. Practice Spinal Hygiene with Dr. Michael Horowitz.

Health Care vs Sick Care

Do we really have a Health Care System or is truly a Sick Care System? Consider where the majority of our resources go - to the treatment of symptoms & disease. What if our government invested in true health. Keeping it's population healthy before problems arise, rather than trying to medicate the symptoms. Chiropractic is based on the premise that through lifestyle decisions we can live a healthy productive life - symptom free!

Vancouver Registered Massage Therapy

Meet Michealla Redeker, Terri Green, Derek Wone & Laura Schroeder - members of our power team. A registered massage therapist is not just a massus, they are highly trained & very knowledgeable on topics relating to soft tissue injury & repair through their craft - soft tissue therapy. Experience a therapeutic or relaxation message 6-days a week with our team.

Ease vs Dis-Ease

The body works in a state of EASE or DIS-EASE. When every cell, tissue & organ in the body are functioning as they should body is in a state of EASE. Conversely when there is a breakdown - for example a mis-aligned spine putting pressure on the nervous system - the cells, tissues & organs of the body do not function at 100% capacity and thus are in a state of dis-ease. Inevitable Dis-Ease in time becomes DISEASE - and this in Chiropractic we try to prevent.

Dentistry vs Chiropractic

3 Phases of Care

Chiropractic care is often broken down into 3 phases of care: Initial Intensive Care = emphasis on treating/managing the symptoms. Corrective Care = continuing the re-educational process where the spine "learns" to better hold the adjustments & flexibility is maintained & posture is improved. Lastly there is Wellness Care = tune-ups to prevent accumulated stress/tension from creating mis-alignment & inflexibility. The length of time a patient is in any of these 3 phases of care depends on age, healing & length of time the problem has been around.

4 Phases of Degeneration (Arthritis)

Did you know that chiropractic is not just about treating symptoms. There are some humongous long term benefits to preventative/maintenance chiropractic care. Why do some people develop arthritis of the spine while others do not. Genetics do play a factor as it would in heart disease & cancer. Yet lifestyle & more specifically SPINAL STRESS which does not get released, over time can lead to the wear & tear of spinal joints (facet joints). This is one of the reasons your chiropractor encourages you to come back for tune-ups. Once arthritis sets in it takes a whole lot more work to correct the problem then to prevent it. Do not practice SPINAL NEGLECT. It's not a good idea!

America on Drugs

Why yes, there is a pill for every ailment. And yes, the all mighty pharmaceutical industry wants us to consume their products. You have options thought. You can "prescribe" to the pop-a-pill allopathic formula for "health" or you can have chiropractic & affiliated professions

The scapula (shoulder blade) - 17 things to remember

Did you know that 17 different muscles either begin or end (origin, insertion) on your shoulder blade? Please don't ask me to name them but if you do, I would! This is why when you feel pain in & around your shoulder - COMPENSATION is inevitable. Don't pop-a-pill. Get that looked at by Dr. Michael Horowitz or one of our RMT's.


They say that 60% of all headaches are "tension" headaches. These are caused by excess stress/tension absorbed in the muscles & spine in the neck. Believe me when I say that headaches are not caused by the lack of Advil in our bloodstream. Have your neck treated by a chiropractor or massage therapist for best results. Let them help you get to the root cause of the problem!

Ice is Nice

Dr. Michael Horowitz recommends ICE upon any new (acute) injury. This includes the 3-week period after any injury where tissue is damaged and notable inflammation is seen. Ice creates the ideal physiological response

Scar Tissue

Every injury heals with the laying down of scar tissue. This is the bodies natural response. Here's the problem - scar tissue provides support but does not provide functionality. In other words after an injury if the body does not heal efficiently excess scar tissue will be laid down & this may cause a "weak-link" down the road. Moral of the story is have your injury assessed and treated by a chiropractor.

Catch 24 - the spinal column

The spinal column is made up of 24 movable bones called vertebrae. Catch 24 implies that stress/tension can create mis-alignment, spinal congestion, fixation or subluxation. This is what chiropractors like Dr. Michael Horowitz look for.

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