Spinal Neglect: Poor Posture

June 18th, 2014

Spinal NeglectSpinal Neglect, Poor Posture Vancouver

The opposite of making Spinal Health a Habit is putting spinal health on the back burner. Well we all do it at times and sometimes we just need a good reminder how important our spines are to our overall wellness. By allowing STRESS & TENSION accumulate to the SPINE we suffer the following potential consequences: 

Spinal Neglect is allowing the accumulation of STRESS/TENSI ...

Spinal Hygiene with Chiropractic

June 11th, 2014

Spinal Hygiene with Dr. Michael Horowitz, Vancouver ChiropractorSpinal Hygiene is a concept in kin to Dental Hygiene as applied to the health of your spinal column and nervous system. Consider how vital your spine & nervous system are to your overall well-being. Keeping your spine properly aligned and in healthy moving order takes help.

Practicing Spinal Hygiene is a major way to prevent poor posture and future back problems from developing. This co ...

Top 5-Things to Expect from Chiropractic Care

June 4th, 2014
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Welcome to today's Blog Posting by Hycroft Chiropractic & Massage in Vancouver. We're working on keeping our community well informed on natural drug-free health topics as they relate to your musculo-skeletal system.

Todays'Chiropractic Topic is Top 5-Things to Expect from Chiropractic Care

  1. Less Pain & Discomfort
  2. Feeling Taller & Straighter
  3. Having more Flexiblity & Mobility
  4. Hav ...