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Dr. Roy

Dr H is awesome! Such good treatment and bedside manner. I have a 30 year back history and have seen many Chiropractors. Dr. H ranks at the top!


Very welcoming and knowledgeable! 
Made me feel comfortable and at ease with any issues that I had, providing solutions with a smile! 
Thank you


Dr. Michael is one of the main reasons why I no longer suffer from prolonged periods of low back pain after sufferkng from back issues for many years. I came to see Dr. Michael over a year ago because my low back completely seized up and I couldn't sit or walk pproperly. After a number of sessions my back has never felt better and along with regular maintenance adjustments monthly I no longer suffer from back issues and I sit at a desk for work. Highly recommended.


As a Registered Massage Therapist, I am a huge advocate for client centred care and Dr. Michael Horowitz offers this above and beyond in his Chiropractic and Custom Orthotics practices located in the Hycroft Medical Building at Granville and 16th Avenue in Vancouver. He is a very approachable and knowledgable Chiropractor who truly has his client's best interests in mind. His dynamic approach of treating both the spine and the feet help to ensure his client's health concerns and goals of health and wellness are met. I am so glad that I have found Dr. Michael Horowitz to help me with my own health concerns so that I can keep treating my clients safely and effectively. I also feel very fortunate to have him as a resource I can confidently refer my massage therapy clients to for chiropractic care and custom orthotics.


I’m a tradesman and do shift work. On my week off I’ll drop into Hycroft for a quick spine adjustment. Michael also recommended some stretches that I put into my daily routine.. I feel top notch now! 
Plus the receptionist always works something out according to my schedule, 5 stars no doubt


Honesty my back was so bad I could barely get through the day. Now I feel like I have a new back and my life has greatly improved. Dr. Mike is a back magician !!! MUST EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF 10 stars

R. Andrew 

Another great visit this week with Dr. Horowitz. I went in for another alignment, and I feel great. The best part is that I'm sleeping better! My only regret is that I should have visited sooner. Thank you to Dr. Horowitz and the friendly staff.


Dr H is highly knowledgeable, and you can tell he loves his job. But that's the least of his gifts - Dr H is a kind, caring and attentive individual. Talking with Michael is like talking to a friend, and he is truly passionate about helping people alleviate pain and live their best lives.


I had my first ever chiropractic visit with Hycroft Chiropractic & Massage. It was the best experience. Dr. Horowitz is very knowledgeable in his field and personalized the appointment to my needs. Thank you so much! I will definitely be returning and recommending my friends and family to see him!


I have been visiting Dr. Michael monthly for years and regular care & maintenance is key to preventing the stress knots in my upper back and shoulders from bothering me. He always aligns me all over and is very thorough - he was quick to diagnose and treat a problematic rib so now I know what triggers it after years of discomfort and pain! Thanks to Dr. Michael and staff for always being so kind and accommodating.


What's more important than ones health? Dr Horowitz is an expert in his field and looks at the "big picture" not just the immediate problem area. He clearly demonstrates that he cares about his patients and their successful recovery. Furthermore, his practice is situated in a great location in the South Granville neighbourhood. He's my go-to Chiropractor!


Was a great experience going there, very intelligent and has a wonderful passion for his work. Would highly recommend going there.


Dr Horowitz is the first and only chiropractor I've visited. My experience with him was outstanding and my posture has been great ever since! He not only relieves you from the pain you might be experiencing, but he also educates you after! Will definitely recommend Dr. Horowitz and team to anyone looking for a professional, reliable and cool chiropractor.


Great Chiropractor. Back much stronger after treatment. Like magician without illusion. Realy good.


Working with Dr. Horowitz has been great. He is knowledgeable, reliable, and provided a great experience for my visit. I would highly recommend him to all of my family and friends! Thank you!!!


I saw Dr. Michael Horowitz for my initial visit. Very friendly and helpful. He took the time to answer my questions and was very knowledgeable . Looking forward to going back for my next visits.


I always know I'm in good hands at Hycroft!! Dr. Michael is friendly, professional, and knows his stuff!


I am SO with impressed with Michael's easy, yet professional, approach. He is knowledgeable but in a very humble manner. I believe this basic method to chiropractics is far more superior to any other. Certainly for me it is! Michael has an amazing ability to feel even the small tightness or subluxation. I highly recommend his service!


I'd rather not take medication to treat my aches and pains. Finding the source of my symptoms is more my preference. I like the team at Hycroft Chiropractic & Massage, Dr. Michael Horowitz and his team of health providers. You will find chiropractic services, two registered massage therapists. They are all down to earth and very educational with their hands on treatment. They do great work and I am happy to offer my recommendations. Try them out!


Michael provided a thorough assessment using the latest technology on my first visit. His treatments really helped with my lower back pain. I would highly recommend Hycroft Chiropractic!


Dr. Horowitz in amazing! He is so personable and really takes his time with you. I always feel better after seeing him.


Mark is a really wonderful therapist. He is professional, skilled, and has been helping with my injuries. I always feel enabled after visiting. The receptionist (Alison) is also really friendly 


Dr. Horowitz is the friendlist, most professional and knowledgable chiropractor I know. Always a pleasure working with Dr. Horowitz!


Dr Horowits is my first chiropractor, and I had great experience with him. Not only he educated me the importance of good posture but also found the solution for my flat feet. His customized orthotics really helped relieved my symptoms. I highly recommend Dr. Horowitz for Chiro and Orthotics services.


Seen many chiros before but Dr. Horowitz is really thorough, patient and personable. He'll crack you just right + he loves feet too!
Lots of fun to visit. Highly recommended.

Patricia Petersen

Dr. Horowitz is friendly, professional and he is a great practitioner. I have seen other chiropractors in the past and I leave the session sore but this doesn't happen with Dr. Horowitz. I highly recommend Dr. Horowitz if you are suffering from any chronic or acute pain.

Dr. Nicholas Jensen

I have known Dr Horowitz for a few years now. In this time he's become not only an exceptional resource of information for myself he's added huge value and support to the patients I send him. Whether someone may be suffering from general aches and pains in their Musculo-skeletal system and wanting to improve performance/posture, dealing with an acute/chronic injury such as whiplash, degenerative disc disease to headaches and sciatica. He's not only thorough in his approach, he makes it fun and easy to learn and is always discussing lifestyle/exercise habits to support his treatment. He also happens to be a top Orthotics supplier with his cutting edge diagnostic tools to determine the best fit for any shoe type. Dr Horowitz will add strength to your spine as well as spring to your step.

Dr Nicholas Jensen ND

Marina M.

I highly recommend Dr. Michael Horowitz and his team at Hycroft Chiropractic & Massage if you are looking for relief from back and neck pain. They are amazing! 

A couple of years ago I suffered a severe back injury during dance practice (I used to train competitively in ballroom and latin dancing). The lack of time for proper warm up and stretching coupled with a stressful desk job contributed to this event that sent me to the sidelines of dance and life for months. I couldn't sit or walk properly, or laugh, or even sneeze, as my back was hurting and sore. The thought of injections and invasive alternatives scared me to tears. It was devastating thinking I might never be able to dance, or run again. So, I ended up silently putting up with the chronic discomfort, giving up my favourite sports and activities and grudgingly settling for a sedentary life. 

A close friend introduced me to Dr. Michael Horowitz and from the very start I appreciated his knowledgeability and calm yet positive counselling approach. I had come in for orthotics but decided to try chiropractic care as well a few months later. I certainly had my fears and hesitations with regards to the adjustments (as I had experienced some very painful manipulations and neck snapping from a few rehabilitation practitioners in Eastern Europe). Dr. Horowitz was very understanding and accommodating in discussing my concerns. He explained the safe gentle manipulation approach he uses and took extra care to alleviate concerns.

I am happy to say now that chiropractic certainly helped with the chronic discomfort and limitations of my past back injury. Within days of the initial treatment, I was able to slowly start rebuilding my fitness and committed to stretching and exercising on a regular basis. Now I am back to dance and living an active life again!

I am truly grateful to Dr. Horowitz for his help and care and have warmly recommended Hycroft Chiropractic & Massage to my family, friends and colleagues. Now, he is our go to family chiropractor now and we trust him for providing quality care, motivation, and his signature sense of humour. He is great at not only helping manage painful injuries, but also in motivating us to take good care. Even my mom, who takes her health very seriously, enjoyed his fun stories!

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