Dr. Michael Horowitz's Stretch of the Day Series 

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Stretch of the Day:

  • The Cat-Stretch Stretch! Cats & Dogs do this stretch all the time. They must know something. This stretch has two components. 1) kneel on all 4’s with your hands shoulder width apart and close to your knees. Now tilt your pelvis to your belly by contracting your abdominal muscles and lower spine reaching for the sky. Hold for 15-seconds. 2) still in the kneeling position place your hands further from your body this time. Now tilt your pelvis to the sky and your spine to the ground. Hold for 15-seconds. These stretches focus on relaxing the muscles that surround and support the back and pelvis.

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Please consult your doctor of chiropractic for more specific recommendations concerning the perfect activity & stretch routine for your needs.
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