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Elbow Pain Treatment | Try Vancouver Chiropractor | Dr. Michael Horowitz

We treat patients with a variety of elbow pain type symptoms here at our office in Vancouver. Chiropractors are often known as spine focused practitioners, however soft tissue injuries of various extremety joints such as the elbow are within the domain of our treatment ability.

Elbow Pain often results from faulty joint mechanics due to the accumulation of stress and tension around the joints, ligaments and tendons of the elbow. This is best treated by proper assessment by a chiropractor accompanied with a hands-on treatment, which will address the source of the problem and allow for most rapid healing. Call 604-733-7744 for relief!

Consider the following:

  • Was the injury due to direct trauma? Is there a great deal of swelling & inflammation?
  • Was the injury due to a repetitive injury such as computer keyboard & mouse work? Are the symptoms especially bad during the work day?
  • Are the symptoms related to a sports injury, lifting or moving heavy objects?
  • A tendonitis? A bursitis? Tennis Elbow? Lateral Epicondylitis? Medial Epicondylitis? Muscle spasm? Etc

By answering these questions and others about your wrist & hand pain, we can determine why you are experiencing it and how to property treat it. This is something your local chiropactor can help with.


Elbow pain can be treated in Vancouver with chiropractic & massage services. Relief of in Vancouver by calling 604-733-7744 for information.

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