Dr. Michael Horowitz's Stretch of the Day Series 

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Stretch of the Day:

  • The Prayer Stretch (or modified sun-salutation)! Either standing or sitting, extend your arms straight out to your side with your palms up and yours thumbs back. Now arch your mid-back & extend your chest forward to the horizon. Make sure not to over-extend your neck so as to not irritate it. Feel the stretch in your arms (biceps, forearms), your shoulders (deltoids) and your chest (pectorals). Hold for 10-15-seconds. Add a deep breath and hold for 10-15-seconds. Repeat throughout the day. This is a chest & shoulder opening exercise that stimulates blood flow to your Pectoral & Deltoid muscles, an area that holds a lot of tension. This stretch is great at reducing overall tension caused by long hours of sitting in front of computers, reading or writing.
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Please consult your Doctor of Chiropractic for a more specific set of recommendations and the perfect activity & stretch routine for your individual needs.

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