Parisa Ehsan-Testomonials

Parisa is AMAZING! Words cannot begin to describe what she has done for me and how she has helped me. I would highly recommend her in a second!! She is pure love, light and healing energy! 

Graison Foster Stemper ( Esoteric Acupuncture with Spiritual Counseling)

I’ve been going to Parisa for acupuncture and facial massage for six months, and every time is amazing! She knows how to target stress in the body as well as on the face, and erases years from me every time I see her. A unique and remarkable experience! She really knows what she is doing. I highly recommend her.     

Lee Hayes (Cosmetic Acupuncture with None Surgical FaceLift)

“Esoteric acupuncture is unlike other forms of energy healing. Parisa provides an environment that allows a connection to an elevated consciousness. Her sessions leave you with a strong sense of clarity and alignment.”

Lidia  (Esoteric Acupuncture with Spiritual Counseling)

Parisa’s facial acupuncture treatments are wonderful! The results of my skin is absolutely phenomenal after only a few sessions I was able to see dramatic results, my skin looks younger and fresher, my expression lines got reduced and my face has a rested and relaxed look. She always shared her knowledge giving me advice and tips to keep my skin and whole body healthy. Parisa I want to thank you for loving what you do and sharing your passion with the world. 

Karina Platon (Cosmetic Acupuncture) 

Working with Parisa has been exceptional experience. Life changing experience to say the least! Parisa, I cannot thank you enough for opening the door and showing me what self love to leave means. You have not only help me become more of myself again but you have also have a mama connect with her son. Through your insightful words I have been able to speak, listen and understand my son and a whole new level and the best part is that my five-year-old has been responding back so well! I am forever grateful to you for your spiritual counselling with my son and Myself. Your guidance and impeccable character has changed our world. Nothing that I say consider this to the gratitude I feel for having you in my life, thank you 1 million times for introducing us to our fire self and showing us the world that is beyond us or for the world. You have a heart of gold. We love you so much. 

Nargis Nazari (Spiritual Counseling)

Parisa! I am so very grateful to have met Patty saw that she came into my life when I had Botox scheduled for the next week and was fully prepared to go through with it.I am so thankful that I didn’t dot every time I have a session with Patty so I feel so amazing, she’s a healer of the mind body and soul! She is an incredibly gifted practitioner and works from her heart that my skin has felt so incredible since I see now that I truly don’t need botox! 20/10 recommend it!!

Alissa Hansen (Cosmetic Acupuncture with None Surgical FaceLift)      

Thank you Parisa for the care and attention you have given me with the deep tissue and acupuncture facials. While I can “feel” the deep tissue massage as you work, the results are totally uplifting, energizing, and completely positive. I love it! I so appreciate your kind way and feel very fortunate to be the recipient of your knowledge, talent and passion. Thank you.

Charlotte C  (Cosmetic Acupuncture with None Surgical FaceLift)  

Parisa Is magic. I’ve been going to see for at least three years now, and I always leave with glowing skin, flowing energy channels, well rested from a little nap, and uplifted from her beautiful words. Facial acupuncture and deep massage is not only great for the skin, but also for releasing tension in the jaw and other facial muscles. Parisa is dedicated to learning more about skin care by going to workshops and always shares tips and advice about looking and feeling your best. Thank you for offering your wonderful talents to the world!

Fay Tee (Cosmetic Acupuncture with None Surgical FaceLift)

Parisa is an excellent acupuncturist!! She has superb listening skills, a very calming presence wealth of knowledge in Chinese Medicine and integrative health care. I found her acupuncture treatments to be very beneficial. I was involved in a car accident and with her help I am finally getting to the point that I see the light at the end of my tunnel of misery. Posterior capacity to listen deeply, her caring attention to detail, skillful hands, keen intuition and delivery of acupuncture or all the things I am so grateful to have received. Thank you for helping in my troubling times, thank you for your friendship   

Jenna  (Electric Acupuncture for Pain relief, Motor Vehicle Accident)


I had my first cosmetic acupuncture session with Parisa Ehsan and she made me feel very comfortable when she started inserting the needles. Parisa is also genuinely friendly, professional and caring, I enjoyed my first session with Parisa so much that I already made an appointment for next Friday. I also recommended Parisa to my older brother. You’re awesome and thank you for your patience and understanding 

Kim Buhovac ( Cosmetic Acupuncture)

I just want to give a shout out to Parisa Ehsan.I have been seeing her for a couple of sessions for pain relief this has been the first time in a very long time I’ve have had minimal endometriosis pain. I have had minimal endometriosis pain. She is extremely knowledgable and caring. I honestly cannot recommend her enough for anyone who is looking for any kind of pain relief or healing therapies. 

Angela Mock ( Moxibustion with Electirc Acupuncture for Pain relief, Endometriosis )          

My first time experience with the facial acupuncture and I had many questions, Parisa patiently made sure to explain the process and benefits which in turn helped me be at ease with the treatment. Thank you for making this an enjoyable experience! 

Delizia Ferri ( Cosmetic Acupuncture )

I always come out of her treatments feeling relaxed, and confident that all is going to get better. She is very gentle and passionate in what she does and I would recommend her to anyone. I am very grateful for my ongoing treatments with her and shall continue to see her on a regular basis and keep spreading the word. Parisa is an amazing person!

Michelle Clarks ( Cosmetic Acupuncture )

I love the healing effect of esoteric acupuncture I receive from you each week Parisa. See you Monday for my next treatment. Each week is a revelation, many people and myself included, struggle with what our true purpose is as human beings. Parisa helps you to identify with your inner self, cell memory, etc... Thank you Parisa for another healing experience. I always benefit tremendously from each session. See you next Monday. Your love and light shine through!

Frances Miller ( Esoteric Acupuncture with Spiritual Counseling))

I’ve had so many positive shifts occurring recently so I look forward to filling you in, but I also want to say THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, I truly feel like meeting you and receiving your energy work has had some beautiful effects and also been an amazing catalyst to a lot of wonderful changes occurring in and around me. Thank you so much lovely Parisa- you’re amazing! 

Andrea (Esoteric Acupuncture with Spiritual Counseling)

I am a childcare worker for 10 years and due to excessive lifting and holding of infants, I was beginning suffer from extremely painful tendonitis. I was recommended to Parisa Eshan, and was amazed that after two treatments of acupuncture, my pain had improved tremendously. After receiving Esoteric Acupuncture, not only did it improve my tendonitis pain, it had helped me to become spiritually fulfilled, something that I felt was missing out of my life. Parisa is a gifted practitioner and she is absolutely amazing at what she does. I am so grateful and excited to continue this spiritual path with Parisa guiding me along the way.

Jessica Bechard (Esoteric Acupuncture with Spiritual Counseling)

Parisa was amazing. She brought totally calming and positive energy during my facial acupuncture session. I’ve quickly rebooked another session. 

Megan Chang ( cosmetic acupuncture )

Parisa is AMAZING! Such a great addition to your team. 

Leah Robertson (Cosmetic Acupuncture) 

I loved my facial acupuncture session. It was fantastic. Parisa is exceptional. 

Angela Galanopoulos  (Cosmetic Acupuncture) 

My Acupuncturist was very professional and informative 

Jacqueline Standford  (Cosmetic Acupuncture) 

Loved my practitioner Parisa! Very interesting treatment.

Katie Fritz  (Cosmetic Acupuncture) 

I had the acupuncture done by Parisa and felt well informed, comfortable and very relaxed. 

Anna Stawarska  (Cosmetic Acupuncture) 

I liked the way my face looked and the way I felt after the cosmetic acupuncture. Parisa is amazing! 

Angeliks Walaszczyk  (Cosmetic Acupuncture) 

Parisa, your website is beautiful and informative. While receiving that amazing treatment from you I was able to see my own energy. The most amazing part was when you removed the needles and I could feel the energy pouring out from the insertion points. The pain I mentioned on my back (as you called it my wings) is no longer there. I feel light and refreshed. Simply amazing! Thank you so much! 

Ashley Paddock (TCM Acupuncture)


I was first a patient of Parisa Ehsan in 2010 when she initially practiced acupuncture at the Hycroft Chiropractic and Massage Clinic in Vancouver. I had experienced acupuncture previously but was immediately struck by Parisa's breadth of knowledge, ability to put theory into practice, dedication to both her art and her patients, and the personal interest that she brought to appointments that I had with her. Her enthusiasm and optimism are infectious! I continue to go to her now that she has moved her practice to City Centre Massage on Hornby across from the Art Gallery and remain pleased by the benefits that I derive, realized through the various acupuncture modalities that she is familiar with and employs at each appointment. The only problem now is that my extended medical benefits covering acupuncture are too limited!

Jonathan haddan (TCM Acupuncture, General Pain)

"Parisa is amazing at her craft and always has an infectious positive energy about her. I always leave each session feeling more energized and my skin glowing. I would highly recommend Parisa for anyone needing to feel more balanced and have better skin as a result of it."

Anne (Cosmetic Acupuncture)

When I went to see Dr.Parisa for my first session, I didn’t know what to expect. And by the end of the session I was blown away by what I experienced, and her skills and abilities to guide me through it. Its really difficult to use words to describe what I've experienced but I felt the energy release and the energy flow in an area in my body that contained so much tensions and stress that I wasn’t aware of it. The session was more than that, it also brought awareness to something that was incredible to find out and learn about. I can’t wait for many more sessions to come with Dr.Parisa.

Sonia (Esoteric Acupuncture with Spiritual Counseling)

I am so glad that the universe brought you to SKN, your beautiful uplifting words, presence and soul have already made a difference here. Thank you for the love and light you bring, thank you for being YOU! 

Greta (Esoteric Acupuncture with Spiritual Counseling)

Thank-you for finally helping me onto the road to physical recovery from my injuries...after so many failed attempts. My acupuncture treatments with Parisa Ehsan has been the only effective pain management treatment in 7mos of intense physio. Thanks!

John-David Belfontaine (Cupping with TCM Acupuncture for Pain relief, Motor Vehicle Accident)