How to Treat Swelling in Vancouver

In medical parlance, swelling is the enlargement of organs caused by accumulation of excess fluid in tissues, called edema. It can occur throughout the body (generalized), or a specific part or organ can be affected (localized). Swelling is considered one of the five characteristics of inflammation; along with pain, heat, redness, and loss of function. A body part may swell in response to injury, infection, or disease, as well as because of an underlying lump. Swelling — especially swelling of the ankle can also occur if the body is not circulating fluid well.

Soft tissue swelling can be caused by direct trauma or a strain (muscle) or sprain (joint) caused by a repetitive or overwhelming type injury. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation are the typical treatments recommended. Proper assessment by a health care specialist such as a chiropractor should also be sought out.

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