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Your ICBC Chiropractic Coverage, Pre & Post April 1st, 2019

Blog by Dr. Michael Horowitz | September 8th, 2019

Hello and welcome to today's blog update. You've been in an MVA (motor vehicle accident). You have neck pain, whiplash, shoulder and back pain. Now what?

If you are injured in a car accident you can start your treatment at Hycrfot Chiropractic & Massage immediately. We will need to confirm your details with ICBC. We take care of all your administrative paperwork and work closely with your ICBC Claim Specialist and/or lawyer. We provide you with a comprehensive treatment approach, so if you need Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic or Acupuncture, we have these therapists onsite or we can refer them to you.

Understanding your coverage can be confusing. If your car accident occurred after April 1st, 2019, you have pre-approved treatments ready for you to use. You do not need a doctor’s referral but the treatments need to be performed in the first 12 weeks after your accident. Time is of the essence so do not delay starting your treatment plan. If you need additional therapy or you wait to come in after the 12 weeks, ICBC will require a doctor’s referral and additional reports for coverage to be approved. If your car accident occurred before April 1st, 2019, you will require a doctor’s referral and we will need to confirm with ICBC your approved for coverage and there are no pre-approved limits in this case.

Pre-approved limits for accidents occurring after April 1st, 2019:

  • Physiotherapy: 25 treatments
  • Massage Therapy: 12 treatments
  • Chiropractic:  25 treatments
  • Acupuncture:  12 treatments

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to pay for any part of my treatment?

No, we bill the entire cost to ICBC on your behalf. Direct billing.

How long are the treatments?

All subsequent treatments for Chiropractic are 15 minutes long. The initial visit is 30 minutes long.

Can you bill ICBC for an appointment that I missed?

Absolutely not, ICBC does not pay for no shows.

Can I come in for therapy before ICBC gives their approval?

Yes, if you choose to pay out of pocket but we are not responsible if ICBC refuses to cover your claim.

I’m not sure which profession to see, who do you recommend?

If you have a referral from your doctor, then you should start there. If not, we have all our new ICBC clients start with a Chiropractic for 4-8 sessions. You will then be assessed and additional therapies may be recommended.  We treat a lot of ICBC clients and this treatment plan has been very helpful in optimizing care for your injuries. 

Online Booking for Vancouver Massage TherapyHow do I book my appointments?

We provide online booking for these treatments or please call 604-733-7744 to book all your appointments. Let us know you've been in an MVA (motor vehicle accident).

What is the cancellation policy? 

Please call in at least 24 hours in advance if you need to move or cancel your appointment. All appointments that are either late cancellations or no-shows will need to be paid in full by the patient.

Thanks for all this information but I am still have questions, who can I talk to?

Please email info@vancouverchiropractic.net or Ask Dr. Michael!

Have more questions about ICBC Chiropractic Coverage, please fill out the contact form below or call 604-733-7744 and we'll respond promptly.

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