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Vancouver Osteopath, Silva Schoenherr

Blog by Dr. Michael Horowitz | April 19th, 2013

Silva Schoenherr, Vancouver Osteopathic PractitionerSilva is is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner with a substantial background in physiotherapy. After arriving in Vancouver in summer 2012, sthe completed her manual osteopathy training at the National Academy of Osteopathy. Additionally, she is qualified in Manual lymph drainage, Medical Taping as well as the Dorn Method and has considerable experience in TMJ treatments. By completing courses in N.A.P., Craniosacral Therapy and Manual Therapy for temporomandibular disorders,

Silva has successfully been treating and releasing symptoms such as headaches, migraines, tinnitus and dizziness. She believes in an interactive treatment approach, loves to strive for new challenges and knowledge, and especially enjoys treating patients who are goal-oriented and motivated.


Osteopathy is a holistic, gentle form of treatment concerning the restoration of health rather than the focus on disease. For optimal rehabilitation, the whole body is to be assessed, treated and psychological factors such as stress, need to be considered and evaluated. By performing structural treatments, mostly of neuromuscular origin, the body's physiology improves and pain decreases. If possible, therapeutic exercises are prescribed to round out the treatment.

Top conditions treated with Manual Osteopathy at Hycroft Chiropractic & Massage:

• Temporomandibular disorders (TMD ), including:

Muscle Pain & Tightness with/without referred pains:

➢ Headaches & Migraines

➢ Earaches & Tooth aches

• Joint Hypomobility

• Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Tinnitus

• Dizziness

Further conditions treated with Manual Osteopathy:

• Primary and Secondary Lymphedema, Lipedema

• Thoracic outlet syndrome

• Sporting injuries

• Sprains and Strains

• Frozen shoulder

• Carpel tunnel syndrome

• Plantar fascitis

• Hallux valgus

• Sciatica

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