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Blog by Dr. Michael Horowitz | January 16th, 2018

INVEST IN YOURSELF - Tips for becoming Healthier in 2018

At Vancouver Chiropractic Clinic we realize setting healthcare goals can be a real challenge, but we also realize it’s one of the most important commitments you can make.

We recommend starting off small, don’t set unrealistic or overwhelming goals. We want you to succeed, feel better then you did yesterday, feel more energized, and improve your mental state.

So where do you start?

Book OnlineAre you feeling tired and unmotivated? Are you dehydrated? To determine or normal hydration needs, we recommend taking your body weight in pounds and dividing it by 2. This number will indicate how many ounces of water you should consume each day. Don’t be alarmed. The number might seems a little overwhelming at first, but there are a handful of ways to sneak water into your everyday routine. At the Vancouver Chiropractic Clinic we like to infuse our water with fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs or switch it up with a glass or two of sparkling water. When it comes to water consumption, it’s really important to spread your water intake throughout the day. Try to adopt the habit of drinking one glass of water as soon as you wake up to kick start your metabolism.

Are you chronically stressed out, suffering from cabin fever? Let exercise be your stress relief. Maybe look at taking your exercise outdoors. Avoid the January rush of crowded classes and fitness clubs. Studies show that fresh air can boost your immune system, energize your body and increase overall happiness.

Are you getting an adequate amount of rest? Sleep is one of the most important things we can do when it comes to the overall health of our mind and body. A good night’s sleep recharges our batteries, reduces stress, keeps our immune system strong, stimulates creativity and helps the body heal. At the Vancouver Chiropractic Clinic we have learned that adults require approximately seven to eight hours of sleep each night to function efficiently and be happy. 

Vancouver Chiropractic ClinicLast and most importantly, are you receiving chiropractic care? Chiropractors can get rid of pain and help increase your overall activity level. At the Vancouver Chiropractic Clinic we work to help patients enhance their overall health and find proper spinal aliment. With regular chiropractic treatments many patients find their pain begins to subside. This allows them to be more active and feel an overall sense of increased happiness.

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