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"Perfect Posture" Vancouver!!

Blog by Dr. Michael Horowitz | February 26th, 2013

Dr. Michael Horowitz, Vancouver Chiropractor

The P-Word, Posture, it's one of the most common interests & concerns our patients have. How to have "Perfect Posture", "Better Posture", "Postural Correction", what "Postural Exercises" are best?

All patients at our clinic start off with a Chiropractic Postural & Spinal Evaluation. This begins with a careful evaluation as to what's looking good & what needs improvement. Everyone holds their stress in their bodies differently. Unique recommendations are made on an individual basis but the following is a summary of 5-Way to Improve Posture.

5-Ways to Improve Posture

  1. Awareness - knowing good vs bad postural habits & positions is half the battle. How is your posture while sitting, standing, sleeping? What type of asymmetrical stress are you placing on your spine through postural & activity? Think about it, be aware of it & change it whenever possible.
  2. Rest & Relaxation - it's truly difficult to hold yourself upright when your mind & body are exhausted. How much sleep are you getting, are you well rested? If not consider that your body isn't functioning to it's full capacity & your posture will suffer!
  3. Muscular Strength, Tone, Tension & Elasticity - the muscles that surround the spine are their to support the spine. Weak or overly tense/tight muscles do a poor job holding us in good posture. For this reason we encourage living a healthy active life that includes regular physical exercise, stretching and soft tissue techniques such as massage therapy, yoga and chiropractic.
  4. Spinal Alignment, Mobility & Chiropractic - the blocks that make up the spine (the vertebrae) need to have a particular alignment and movement pattern in order to function property & to have best posture. Stress accumulates in & around the spine leading to stiffness, eventually the pinched nerve and a series of pain & discomfort, not to mention less than ideal posture. Chiropractic treatment is aimed at improving posture by improving function, at each vertebral segment. This is an often the most neglected aspect to Perfect Posture.
  5. Foot Arch Alignment, Shock Absorption & Custom Orthotics - if your feet are flat (pronated) and your movement patterns & weight distribution are off, consider having your feet taken care of with a pair of custom made orthotic inserts.

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