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Neck Pain Causes & Remedy

Blog by Dr. Michael Horowitz | August 6th, 2019

Hello from Vancouver Chiropractic Services at Hcyrfot Medical,

Dr. Michael Horowitz here and I hope you've all enjoyed your August long weekend and this incredible weather we've been having.

Book Online Vancouver Chiropractic ServicesI'm back at the office today and I have to say, after 19 years of being a Chiropractor, I still love the work I do. In particular I love problem solving and helping patients find solutions to the ailments. Today a patient came back for her second visit and we had been experiencing 1-month of chronic neck pain. I sat down with her in consultation and performed a spine specific examination. I noticed the joints of her neck were not moving as they should and I did what chiropractors do best, I performed a chiropractic adjustment on her. Today she says her neck pain is gone! One visit! I'd like to think I'm that good, but when it comes down to it, when there is a problem, if you find the right solution, you get results.

What are neck pain causes & remedies? There are many but it often comes down to some form of stress. Physical, chemical, emotional, postural. And when it comes to the spine, this is the Chiropractor's domain. This is what we do best!

Dr Michael Horowitz-3024.jpegAre you experiencing neck pain? Headaches? Shoulder discomfort? Looking for a hands-on drug free remedy? Consider chiropractic and if you are in the Vancouver area, consider seeing me at my office.

My name is Dr. Michael Horowitz, owner of Vancouver Chiropractic Services at Hycroft.
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