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Let’s Treat that Annoying Low Back Ache

Blog by Dr. Michael Horowitz | October 16th, 2015

Back Pain Vancouver ChiropracticLow back pain is an everyday concern affecting many people around the world. Commonly referred to as Mechanical Low Back Pain, researchers have said that low back pain affects about half of the population of Canada.1 Additionally, up to 85% of working population are expected to experience low back pain in a lifetime.1


Low back pain can be the result of various conditions including strains, sprains, joint restrictions, disc irritation, and muscle weakness. All of these injuries can be assessed and treatment by a chiropractor.2 Furthermore, low back discomfort can present in various ways involving symptoms of pain, tingling and numbness. Additionally, discomfort in the low back can travel into the buttocks and legs causing lower limb pain.2


Common causes of low back pain include improper lifting, poor posture, sedentary lifestyles and extra bodyweight. In developed countries 75% of people sit for long periods of time at work, this prolonged sitting can lead to deconditioning, fatigue and stress on the spine causing low back pain.2


It is important to understand that majority back problems are likely not serious and the long-term outlook is most often good. However, low back pain has a tendency to return which is why taking opportunities to avoid aggravation are important.  Research shows that recurrence rates of low back pain are observed as high as 73% within 12 months post injury.3 The most important form of treatment for your back is regular physical activity. It has been observed that those active individuals are most likely to cope best with low back pain. Next to physical activity chiropractic treatment is an effective tool to relieve those aches and pains. The chiropractors at Hycroft Chiropractic and Massage uses a variety of forms of treatments including spinal manipulation, mobilization, soft tissue therapy, patient education, and exercise rehabilitation to help their patients combat low back pain.

Dr. Daniel Birch, Vancouver Chiropractor

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