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Foot Pain & Back Pain

Blog by Dr. Michael Horowitz | April 15th, 2021

Good morning everyone!

My Name is Dr. Michael Horowitz, "Your Friendly Neighbourhood Chiropractor"; 

& Owner of Vancouver Orthotic Clinics.

But lets get Serious Here - FOOT PAIN & BACK PAIN are NO JOKE!

Too many people are frustrated & unaware of how to Treat & Prevent Foot Pain & Back Pain

& Make No Mistake - Foot Pain & Back Pain are CONNECTED. I see this CONNECTION from a BIOMECHANICAL & NEUROLOGICAL perspective.

Who Do you Know this Week who would benefit from:

  • A postural evaluation
  • A Spinal or 3D Foot Examination
  • A Diagnosis
  • & A Treatment Game Plan

Foot Pain & Back Pain are My Meat & Potatoes.

Please Refer these Patients to My Office

I’ll take good care of them!

Keep Moving with Your Best Foot Forward!

Once again, 

It’s Dr. Michael Horowitz 

Owner of Vancouver Orthotic Clinics

Have a Great Day everyone!

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