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Chiropractic and Massage for the Treatment of Upper Back Pain

Blog by Dr. Michael Horowitz | February 4th, 2017

Like low back pain, upper back pain is very common and can affect all age groups. Considering the number of bones, joints, and muscles that comprise the upper back, it is no wonder why upper back pain affects so many people. Common causes of upper back pain can include muscular irritation, joint dysfunction/mis-alignment, or trauma. The good news is that chiropractic treatment and registered massage therapy are both extremely effective in treating upper back pain.

upper back pain.jpegChiropractic is a health care profession focused on the non-surgical treatment of disorders of the nervous system and/or musculoskeletal system, focusing greatly on spinal manipulation and treatment of surrounding structures. In terms of chiropractic treatment, the upper back is referred to as the thoracic spine and consists of 12 of the 24 vertebrae, which also links with the ribcage. In addition to the bones, the upper back consists of joints and a network of layered muscles. These muscles are connected to the bones with a layer of tissue called fascia. Due to injury, postural stress, or repetitive strain, fascial adhesions (or bonds) may form, causing pain. By applying direct pressure to the trigger points, chiropractors can help to relieve this pain. In the case of joint dysfunction, chiropractors are able to treat pain through a variety of adjustment techniques to help normalize joint function.

Registered massage therapists (RMTs) are able to use a variety of techniques to treat upper back pain. The upper back muscles are prone to irritation which can be caused by overuse, muscle strain, sports injury, or trauma. Massage can help to work out spasms and irritation and improve range of motion. If you would like to book an appointment today to have your upper back pain assessed and treated by our chiropractor or RMT, please call us today!

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