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May Update - Hycroft Chiropractic & Massage in Vancouver

Blog by Dr. Michael Horowitz | May 19th, 2010

Welcome to Hycroft Chiropractic & Massage

& Vancouver Orthotics MAY Newsletter

Hello everybody,

It's been a while since we've been in touch, mostly due to technical difficulties. A lot has changed since the last time you've been in. Here's an update!

  • We've Expanded! Dr. Michael Horowitz has taken on new space in unit #113 beside the usual #114. This has offered up more space for Vancouver Orthotics & his Chiropractic Services. He continues to grow a community of well-adjusted spines while taking care of feet too!
  • We Welcome Laura Schrouder (RMT) to the Office! Laura joins a strong team of Registered Massage Therapists (Michealla, Terri & Derek) and brings her own skills and experiences to the practice. Six days a week we have hands available for you!
  • Registered Acupuncturist, Parisa Ehsan has Joined the Team! Parisa is a licensed doctor of Chinese Medicine & offers up great energy, knowledge and skills that she's excited to share.
  • Office Manager Kelly who's been working with us for over 6-months has been accepted into Law School in September! We'll be looking for some help if you can recommend anyone that would be great. Allyson & Alison say hello and are doing great!
  • We have NEW Websites to Share! We love educating & sharing useful information. Please enjoy viewing our original website (www.spinetime16.com), our new website (www.vancouverchiropractic.net) & our Custom Orthotics website (www.vancouverorthotics.ca). We continue to reach out to the community with new and updated information.

Health Tips of the Month

  • Water is needed for every physiological process, thought and activity. Increased levels of stress increase the need to drink more water.
  • If you are under a lot of stress avoid sugar, stimulants and processed fast food. These foods might be quick, but they lack the essential building blocks for health.
  • Take slow, deep, regular breaths throughout the day to assist in coping with stressful situations more easily.
  • Eat breakfast! Brain function requires the appropriate fuels and the body functions in a stressful state when not adequately nourished.

Stretches of the Month

  • The Headache Buster! Place Hand behind your head and push back into resistance for 10-seconds. Now tip your chin to your chest and gently pull your head forward with your hands. Hold for 15-seconds. Add a 45-degree rotation so that your nose is aimed at your armpit. Gently pull and hold for 15-seconds in each direction. Repeat throughout the day. This stretch is great a reducing neck tension and suboccipital muscle tension responsible for many “tension” related headaches.
  • The Pits & The Rolls! Rolls (ROLLS) your shoulder forward &/or backward 10 times. This stimulates blood flow to an area that holds a lot of tension. Now lateral tilt your head towards one of your shoulders and assist the stretch by gently pulling the head that that shoulder. Hold for 15-seconds. Now do the same for the opposite side. Modify the stretch by tilting the head 45-degrees to the armpit (PITS) and assist the stretch by gently pulling the head to that armpit. Hold for 15-seconds. Now do the same for the opposite armpit. Repeat throughout the day. This stretch is great a reducing neck & shoulder tension caused by long hours of sitting in front of computers, reading or writing.

We look forward to seeing you over the next few months. Allow us to assist you. We offer Chiropractic, Registered Massage, Registered Acupuncture and Custom Orthotic Services, 6-Days a Week, these Hands are for You! Wishing you a great May,

Dr. Michael Horowitz & The Team @ Hycroft Chiropractic & Massage in Vancouver


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