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Chiropractic Testomonial from Kelly in Vancouver

Blog by Dr. Michael Horowitz | August 17th, 2009

Dearest Friends!

I had to share this man with you all, because he is an amazing care-giver! Dr. Michael Horowitz has been looking after my back for about 10 years. The difference in my pain levels are night and day. But besides his brilliance as a Chiropractor he's the kind of Doctor who is there for the love of making people feel well and pain free, first and foremost.

As most of you know my court case was not decided in my favor and shortly after I lost my job...eesh! and I carry much of my stress in my back. Dr. Mike has been there for me tenfold, as he was when I went through an (undiagnosed by my reg Dr.) Crohn's flare up...he came to my house with his table!

I have asked Dr. Mike if I could email this and his info to you all because I truly believe that anyone who is in any kind of pain, back, neck, hip, etc. pain would benefit from having this man in their life!

While I hope none of you are experience any pain, if you are, Dr. Michael Horowitz is a true blessing. Talk about living your truth!

Love to you all!



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