Traumeel Family of Products in Vancouver

Traumeel S uses nature’s own chemistry. Its formulation combines 14 botanical and mineral ingredients,each of which provides specific therapeutic action to support different phases of the healing process.

The Health + Science of Pain Relief

Traumeel S has been used by millions of patients worldwide. Their confidence is supported by years of investment in research into the treatment of inflammation and acute musculoskeletal injuries.

As shown by scientifically validated clinical research, Traumeel S is a homeopathic preparation which relieves muscle and joint pain, as well as inflammation associated with injuries such as sprains and contusions. Traumeel S is available in a topical ointment or gel, oral tablets or drops, and drinkable ampoules to meet your individual preference.

Traumeel for Soft Tissue Bruising and InflammationCollaborating with experts to confirm the ability of Traumeel S to reduce pain and inflammation

For several years, Heel – the manufacturer of Traumeel S – has been working with experts and research institutes to study the effectiveness of its combination preparations.

Research has shown that Traumeel S is effective at reducing pain and inflammation in injuries such as sprains at different sites in the body.