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A good nights sleep is all that one can ask for. The type of pillow you sleep on has a lot to do with how you feel in the morning. We`ve recommended various pillows in the past and we`ve tried them all. It`s the `Water Pillow` that we recommend & sell to our community here in Vancouver. The water pillow supports the natural curve in the neck while providing comfort. We think you`ll enjoy it!

  • Clinically proven to improve sleep quality
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fall asleep faster and wake up less during the night
  • Rejuvenates skin and reverses the negative effects of fatigue
  • Scientifically designed to improve sleep quality
  • Easy to fill using accompanying funnel
  • Use ordinary tap water
  • Customize support by adding or removing water
  • Avoid daytime naps
  • Watch what you eat. No heavy meals close to sleep time.
  • Avoid stimulants, sugar, caffeine and physical activity close to sleep time.
  • Picture a relaxing place in your mind
  • Remove phones, beepers, televisions, etc. from the bedroom
  • Do not rely on sleep medication.
  • Consider non-caffeinated drinks such as water, mild, camomile tea or valerian root tea.

Please call our office at 604-733-7744 for your Water Pillow.

$64.95 (HST included), Shipping is also available.

Water Pillow B Vancouver

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