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ICBC Claims in Vancouver, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy

If you've been in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) and are experiencing symptoms such as whiplash, headaches, neck, back or reoccuring pain, or if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and have reported the incident to ICBC, you qualify for care at our clinic.

Benefits of Registered Massage Therapy

    • Faster recovery from whiplash, headaches, neck and back pain
    • Reduced pain and improvement in muscle and joint function


To help you on the road to recovery, we are here to make sure you're able to get the treatment you're covered for.

  • ICBC: Pay upfront and submit receipt to ICBC (no doctor’s referral required)


ICBC – Current Massage Therapy Policy as of January 2012

For RMTs Registered as ICBC Providers:

  • ICBC now categorizes massage therapy as nondiscretionary therapy as per physiotherapy and chiropractic. This means that treatment is automatically approved for a claimant injured in an MVA

  • ICBC has removed the “1st 8 week post MVA” time limitation on massage therapy treatments. This means that a patient can seek and receive massage therapy any time after an MVA, provided that the claim is still open.

  • An MD referral is no longer necessary for the first 12 treatments. But all therapists are required to assess and determine that their treatment plan (as per CMTBC practice standards) is reasonable and necessary.

  • The MTABC encourages RMTs to contact the ICBC adjuster to advise of the therapy being provided.


ICBC is regulated to pay a minimum 12 treatments but as the discretion to authorize further therapy (up to 20 treatments). A request for more than 12 treatments is given if further therapy is recommended by an MD, and again the treatments are deemed to be reasonable and necessary.

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